Nassim Taleb: ‘I think I’ll stop being mean to everyone on Twitter’


Twitter – In a rare stroke of genius, Nassim Taleb, the author of The Black Swan announced today on Twitter how he was going to stop being mean to everyone.  “I’ve said some hurtful things,” Nassim said.  “Going forward I’m going to stop being mean to everyone on Twitter.”

Nassim Taleb has been known to lash out at people who have ‘less’ brainpower than him.  “It’s not easy being this smart,” Nassim said while doing a deadlift and pretending to read a philosophical book that no one has ever heard of.  “When you have a superior brain like mine it is hard not to be arrogant.”

Nassim told us he has blocked over 500,000 accounts on Twitter and will start to unblock these accounts.  “When people don’t agree with me, I just block them.  Blocking people is called learning about dead languages and is basically what an antifragile black swan does,” Nassim said smiling.

Currently Nassim is in the process of writing a book titled Narcissism.  The book is 500 pages of Nassim attempting to redefine what Narcissism is.  “The best way to tell people I am not a narcissist is to redefine the entire term,” Nassim said while screaming at a mom in her minivan for not understanding some mathematical formula no one cares about.

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