Peter Schiff Bobby Shmurda

Peter Schniff, the notoriously bitter old man who has predicted the last 10 of 3 crashes has finally become a bull after long being told he has no idea what he is talking about for the last 20 or so years. He posted on Twitter “Will explain in more detail soon, but I got a more bullish outlook on the market now, release of Bobby Shmurda is huge, all in SPY calls at the moment.”

For those of you unaware, Bobby Shmurda, is a New York, Hip-hop icon who was recently released from prison after being locked up since 2014.

Some predict with the new optimism in the world and markets now because of this release, this could push our current bull run another 15 or so years. One Reddit investor said, “I thought the gas was gonna run out on this current bull run, but now that Bobby is free, shit, I don’t think it’ll ever end, I just personally had my Dad liquidate his bonds and stocks he has been holding since the 80s and turned the cash into TQQQ calls and Bitcoin, the party will never end in the greatest market in the world.

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell released a statement stating “Due to the release of Bobby Shmurda, more money printing is no longer needed, interest rates will be raised again soon, if you want a stimmy your gonna have to buy some stocks and do it yourself.”