Philadelphia mayor

Rumors in Philadelphia are circling around the mayor, Jim Kenney and the campaigns of Donald Trump and Joe Biden.  And apparently Jim Kenney is currently holding a bidding war between the two campaigns to secure election results that would favor the highest bidder.

In addition to securing the Presidential Election, this would also generate new money to help cure some of Mr. Kenney’s shortcomings in office.  Some say it’s a win-win in everyone’s books.

Once the winning bid is received and funded the counting will resume with only ballots for the high bidder. This is going to be a nail biter, and we can’t wait to see who wins this important state.

Allegations coming in says Biden is asking Hillary Clinton for extra funding to help push their bid on top, Donald Trump’s is asking Kim Jong-Un for extra funding. If Trump wins there seems to be plans for Kim to detach and tow away California to annex it as a glorious territory of North Korea.