Short Seller Executed, Andrew Left
Source: CNBC YouTube

THE GRAVEYARD – Renowned short seller Andrew Left was executed by the Federal Reserve this evening due to his short selling activities that have recently become illegal.  Andrew was executed by a twelve man firing squad and died instantly.

For those who don’t remember, the Federal Reserve banned short selling last month in yet another attempt to artificially prop up markets.  The Fed called for a total war against short sellers and banned the activity completely.  Anyone caught short selling any financial instrument would be executed.

The death of Andrew Left has shocked the financial community.  Thousands mourned outside of Federal Reserve locations across the country.  But while many were mourning a civil unrest has started to brew.

Chris Irons, the personality behind the popular Quoth the Raven took to his podcast to call arms against the brutality of the Fed.  Other popular free market voices followed by Peter Schiff as he lead rally in Puerto Rico.

But the peaceful protests are beginning to turn violent.  Robinhood traders have begun to take advantage of the unrest.  A call to arms was started on Wall Street Bets where thousands of Robinhood traders laid out a plan to cause chaos to the system.  Police cars have been burned, buildings looted and hundreds hurt.

Despite the entire system approaching the verge of an economical collapse markets continue to go up.  But who can blame the markets?  Nominal interest rates are at historical lows.  The Fed has an “endless” supply of free money.  And the bureaucrats continue to spend.

And as markets continue to approach astronomical highs each day, CNBC continues to state their regurgitated mantra, “Buy the dip.  Buy the dip.  Buy the dip.”

At least they are consistent.  Consistency is the key.