gas prices

Gas prices have risen dramatically in the last 2 months.  Everyone is feeling the pain of pump prices.  Blue checks on twitter, often considered the most educated and knowledgeable people in the country, have accused energy companies of price gouging the working class, minorities, and women.

A general consensus among these “experts in everything” is that prices are an arbitrary level of value that can be adjusted at any time with no negative impact on the companies that produce fuel.  Capitalism was “invented to keep the lower class poor, and gas is a human right.” – Rachel Maddow

I have learned from 16 year olds with more followers than me that we can just reject the law of supply and demand because it is more a theory than a law, and the government can set prices however they want.  Capitalism is a scam in order to keep the “heteronormative-patriarchal-oppression system in place.”

Fuel companies are the real bad guys here, as they are making it harder for women and minorities to make it to work.  Everyone knows that price increases effect you differently based on your skin color and gender because everything is racist and sexist.  The gas prices are also Trump’s fault and not Biden’s.  Cancelling the pipeline reduced the seasonal price increase on fuel.

Your Gender-Economics Educator,

Max Greene