Ritholtz Wealth Management, the registered investment advisory (“RIA”) best known for taking a PPP loan during the COVID-19 pandemic, was reported to have used Chuck E. Cheese tokens to pay of the balance.

“I was literally shocked,” Susan Williams, a clerk for the United States Treasury stated.  “I went to check the mailbox and it was overflowing with Chuck E. Cheese tokens.”

According to the United States Treasury, instead of sending U.S. Dollars for the loan payment, Ritholtz sent 100,000 Chuck E. Cheese tokens. 

“We thought it was a joke at first,” a spokesman for the U.S. Treasury stated.  “But then we checked the value of these tokens.”

According to ‘internet’ the value of a Chuck E. Cheese token has skyrocketed.

“One Chuck E. Cheese token is now equal to two U.S. Dollars,” said John Rich, an economist specializing in foreign currency.  “Ever since filing for bankruptcy, these tokens have skyrocketed in value due to the scarcity principal. ”

Since the pandemic, the U.S. Dollar has begun to lose it’s buying power due to money given out to firms like Ritholtz.

“This payment from Ritholtz is a blessing in disguise,” Steve Mnuchin stated over a press conference.  “Our internal models predict the U.S. Dollar will collapse and Chuck E. Cheese tokens to continue to hold their value.  In the next 30 days, we plan to peg the U.S. Dollar to Chuck E. Cheese tokens to protect our great nation.”


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