Saudi Arabia Agrees To Reduce Oil Exports With Condition


RIYADH – The world’s top oil exporter, Saudi Arabia, has agreed to further oil production cuts as part of the OPEC+ agreement. According to sources, the Kingdom will reduce output by ~3.5 mbpd as part of the agreement. However, these cuts come with a condition that were previously not made public.

In a bombshell revelation, a source involved with the confidential agreement says that Saudi Arabia agreed to cut oil exports on the condition that they are allowed to export additional terrorism with impunity. The agreement allows Saudi Arabia the ability to increase global terrorism output by 10% for each 5% reduction in oil output.

An energy executive directly involved in the negotiations stated, “While this may be perceived by some as putting dollars over human life, this was the only common ground that could be found. We realize people will die, but saving the global oil industry and related executive bonuses far outweighed the pain and suffering that will result from increased terrorist bombings.”

When reached for comment, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said, “The President has no knowledge of this agreement. He believes the Saudis are fine people and, to his knowledge, have never been involved with terrorist activity. Now that the President has declared the price of oil to be $40 a barrel, this OPEC+ deal really has no impact on the United States.”

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