Kevin Johnson

Starbucks was in the news this week after announcing a brand-new addition to its fall menu. In addition to the traditional variety of pumpkin flavored coffees, the coffee conglomerate is introducing a new fall beverage: the Apple Crisp Macchiato*.

There is, however, a catch for the 30-percent of Americans that have yet to receive a COVID-19 vaccination shot. Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson recently announced that the fall special will only be available to fully vaccinated customers.

He did note that does not mean that a vaccine is required to enter Starbucks because, “After all—the nonvaccinated have wallets too,” Johnson explained. “We just want to try and encourage the right sort of decisions—and I think that once they lay their eyes on the Apple Crisp Macchiato—it is just a matter of time until America is unified on this whole vaccine thing.”

The espresso-based drink is gently decorated with a splash of foam on top—and while it looks like something a 12-year-old mixed up in the dining hall at camp, a number of future diabetes patients they surveyed apparently enjoyed it.

The company did receive some pushback from the FDA when it first started testing the beverage, but after a few closed door conversations (and potentially a couple of winks and nods) it was approved for public distribution.


*Please note: there are a number of side effects that have been associated with drinking an Apple Crisp Macchiato and the long-term results of consuming this product are still unconfirmed.