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“What the Caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly”. — Lao Tzu

As I carried my box of belonging from Broadway to South Street at the East River in New York, I couldn’t help but have a smile run across my sun-streaked face. The day had finally come where I had made enough money on Wall Street to line my pockets with a modest fortune, quitting my job for good. That was the goal all along anyhow — to hit the jackpot on a few year-end bonuses, going my own way — out of the corporate world of mundane repetition, ego filled offices and long days staring at a computer screen.

I have long desired the days where I had the financial freedom to pursue more intelligent activities than trade paper back in forth — what I call creating wealth from the patsy who has less information than yourself. Though I am happy to leave the job my intellectual mind despised, I will miss the friends I made, drug hazed nights in Lower Manhattan and the fast money I created from a fool greater than I.

After selling my high-end penthouse in New York City, I ended up purchasing a modest, yet quite luxurious (to my standards) house in the village of Sleepy Hollow.

There has always been something poetically haunting that has attracted me to the town of Sleepy Hollow. Maybe it’s the historical significance, or maybe it’s because I took an eighth of shrooms one night and wandered the dark gloomy streets at 2 AM looking for a soul I do not think I possess. In any case, I have decided to buy a house in this town — where I can bunker down with a strong bottle of scotch and study from some of the greatest thinkers the observable universe has ever seen.

I have always enjoyed the art of writing — I’ve never missed a day where I haven’t contributed to my personal journal. In light of the former, I have decided it could potentially be beneficial to write a personal ‘public’ blog on my endeavors post-early retirement. Due to my beliefs that everything an individual does is to benefit themselves — no matter how much you want to believe in altruism — I am writing for myself, no more no less. And you best believe that if I can somehow monetize my writing in the future — you damn well bet I will (recall; I am an adherent capitalist guided by the evolutionary spirit that the fittest, most selfish, will survive).

Given my narcissistic personality I would like to make my writing to be a successful endeavor — which does give me a little explaining of what this blog will constitute — for a hopeful reader.

First, I hold high value to original thought. It can be argued that originality does not exist and all thoughts were contrived from past knowledge passed down (thus the end-all base to what we know began with the evolutionary process of the atom, the void and the molecules in-between). With that being said, I truly believe what I write here will be much different than what you will be able to find elsewhere on the internet — and anywhere else.

Secondly, I am well versed in the world of high finance. Not only did I make a modest fortune working on Wall Street, but I continue to use the tools of the trade to continue compounding my wealth at the expense of the patsy with less information than I. Likewise, if you are an occasional reader of my blog, I may put subtle hints on a few investing ideas I am working on (I specialize in small-cap companies, special situations and deep financial analysis).

Thirdly and lastly, if you love sex, drugs, alcohol and the former filled adventures — I think we might be good friends — better yet, you may enjoy my writing. Often, I go for long walks philosophizing with a handful of pills and a pocket full of other illicit drugs. Some would call me an addict — I just call myself an experimenter with reality. Like I said before, I have written every day in a journal since I was a kid. If you flip through the pages of my journal, the majority of the pages are tribute to the drunken stumbled haze and drug infused nights. All in all, this blog will not be the typical boredom filled website from your two-bit financial journalist.

I won’t jabber on much longer, but I will say this: creativity is the sum of all experiences. Time is slim for the homo-sapien. To make the most out of the limited time you have, experience the world, try new things and goddammit make that money! And if there is one thing you should always remember, it’s life is a mass of pointless nothingness — so be selfish, do whatever you fucking please and always put your pleasures ahead of someone else’s — because for all we know, nothing else exists but the thoughts between your dome.



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