Surprise Twist: Oil & Gas Meeting at White House Actually this Season of MTV’s The Challenge

I would die for that money, I would kill for that money, I would screw over any one here for that money


This week on The Challenge, CEO’s from the oil & gas world descend upon Washington for the ultimate prize: A full corporate bailout.  The competitive spirit was alive and well; as Harold “Hambone” Hamm proclaimed, “I would die for that money, I would kill for that money, I would screw over any one here for that money.”

Tensions were high in last week’s episode, as an arm wrestling match between Mike “BreakFee” Wirth and Vicki “Riverboat” Hollub almost turned to blows, though TJ was able to calm the two down before they were sent home early.  The CEO’s were separated into teams, competing for the honor of being selected as ‘The Tribunal’, and it was quite the battle.  The overall worst performer would be automatically entered into the Elimination Battle, while ‘The Tribunal’ would select the other challenger.  Darren Woods, Kelcy Warren, Greg Garland, and Dave Hager on Team A; Vicki Hollub, Mike Wirth, Harold Hamm, and Jeff Hildebrand on Team B.  Mike Sommers was fired from the competition by President Trump early on as he didn’t really agree with his stance on ‘Free Markets’. 

Team A jumped to an early lead, but it was not without challenges.  DW Woods generally took the lead and gave orders, though he would tend to throw the others at a particular challenge over and over again even if it was clear it wasn’t working.  Kelcy and Greg generally agreed with DW and promised they could perform, but rarely delivered.  Dave was all over the place and couldn’t focus on one particular area, but generally did an ok job. 

Team B struggled out of the gates.  “Riverboat” Hollub relied on everyone else as she had no real experience in the challenges, which may have worked had the corresponding team been up to the task.  Mike Wirth seemed willing to sabotage Hollub, likely due to their row the previous night, and generally seemed disinterested in the entire process. Jeff tried to take on some big challenges, but resorted to quick fixes and had a ‘super cheap mentality’, which obviously warred with the rest of the group.  “Hambone” Hamm was generally the poorest performer of the bunch, and had a habit of blaming the rest of the members and the opposing team, while simultaneously asking for help from both.  Towards the end of the challenge, with Team A already securing the victory, a well-timed trip from Hambone sent Hollub tumbling, ensuring her place in the first Elimination Challenge.

The Tribunal consisted of DW, Kelcy, and Greg (though DW made all of the calls).  When it came time to select, it was obvious that DW was going to throw in his largest rival.  “I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him.  Mike W is not a straight-up player.  Mike W is a snake.  I want to show him who the daddy is, and scare him a little bit.”  In a rematch of their arm-wrestling match the night before, Mike Wirth and Vicky Hollub would battle to stay in the competition.

The tension in the air was palpable as TJ stepped up to the group to announce the challenge.  “This week’s Elimination Challenge is……a five lap kayak around the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pond. Vicki, Mike, you are in Purgatory.  Time to fight for your right to stay in the game”.  Everyone was floored.  Vicki Hollub’s well-known hobby was also the first challenge!  Who will come out on top?  Who is best prepared for this intense cardiovascular competition?  Would Hollub’s kayaking experience overcome her lack of ‘deepwater’ experience?  Will Mike swoop in to steal the last lifeline for her flailing company, despite not particularly needing it for himself?  Tune in to this week’s episode of The Challenge!

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