The Bachelor: Oil & Gas PE Edition


On this season of The Bachelor, ENCAP portfolio companies battle to be the last man standing as the PE company smashes them all together in an ever-present bid to reduce G&A. Taking place at the majestic Alma Rosa Winery (once featured on the film Sideways and now owned by ENCAP-founder Bob Zorich), the teams will make their case to receive the coveted final Soap Stick.

Expect Zorich to look on with passive indifference as teams like Paloma extoll the virtues of the STACK, or PennEnergy tries to make bottom tier Marcellus appear attractive. The Permian operators will likely take the day, though it is unclear which non-core Permian team will make it through. One thing is clear, the reduced G&A burden can save the coveted management fee and ensure the PE fund managers are compensated like the innovative heroes they truly are.

Tune in next week for the Season Premiere!

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