The Motley Fools finds the next Amazon for the 67th time this year


Wall Street – Not a surprise to anyone on Wall Street, but the Motley Fool has discovered a stock that has potential to become the next Amazon (“AMZN”) for the 67th time in just 2020! 

“This is a record-breaking year of finding the next Amazon,” a spokesman for the Motley Fool said.  “By this time last year, we found the next potential Amazon only 50 times.  67 times is record-breaking and something we are extremely proud of.” 

The Motley Fool has already purchased billions of dollars of advertising space, along with James Altucher, on Yahoo Finance, Facebook and Twitter to tell everyone that ‘this stock is the next Amazon’.  I personally have clicked on the advertisement thousands of times and still don’t know what stock they are talking about! 

“It’s likely we will find the next Google, Netflix, Tesla and Facebook tomorrow so keep an eye out for one of our annoying ads,” the Motley Fool spokesman mentioned. 

David Gardner was unable to comment as he was busy looking at potential ten thousand bagger stonks.  

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Source of Featured Image: The Motley Fool