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Everyone knows that skinny-ass white kid named Davie Jr. Gravy – AKA Daddy Long Neck – or Damn Long Neck. He’s that goofy mofo who told them white bitches on the internet to wash their stinking tuna boxes. For the mature readers who are 30 plus years old, a “tuna box” is a nickname for a vagina. Long Neck is also that mother fucker who is now best friends with that Wide Neck booster boy. If you don’t know who I am talking about just get the fuck out of here, get hoe, get.

We think, or should I say thought, Long Neck was hilarious, but that is when we did investigative research and found out Long Neck is actually a big booty hoe from Miami and not a skinny assed white boy from Flint, Michigan. Read that again, Long Neck is actually a big booty hoe from Miami. I was shocked too.

Here are three reasons why we think Long Neck is a big booty hoe from Miami and not a skinny assed white boy from Flint.

Reason One: Long Neck Cut his (should I say Her) hair for a reason:

Back in the day Long Neck has long hair. Check out this picture.

daddy long neck hair

Source: Celeb Siren

Then suddenly Long Neck decided to cut her hair. Look at Long Neck now.

daddy long neck no hair

Source: Everi Pedia

There is a reason why Long Neck decided to cut her hair. It’s because people began to question the plausibility that Long Neck was actually a phat booty hoe from Miami. If you watch this video closely you will soon see the resemblances of a phat booty hoe.

Reason Two: Daddy Long Neck Spends a lot of time in Miami

If you follow any of Long Neck’s social media sites you will soon figure out that she is always in Miami. Phat booty hoes love Miami. It is a great place to tan that rear and shake it in clubs. That is why Long Neck is always in Miami. It is because she is a phat booty hoe.

Reason Three: Because that ass is Phat

This is just plain obvious to us. Long Neck just has a booty that won’t quit. It is phat as hell. I heard if you smack it, it will shake for days. That girl can bounce that ass so hard. There is no way that is an ass of a skinny white boy. That is def a booty from a phat ass Miami bitch. If you don’t believe me watch this video.


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