Tobias Carlisle: ‘I’m actually physically fit and not a nerd’

You Can Be A Quantitative Investor and Still Mack on Chicks


A glistening bicep glowed under the summer sun as a fast ball flew out of a tall and handsome man’s hand.  Sweat poured down a chiseled, well-formed chin.  A charming smile like Timothy Dalton yet mysterious as Clark Gable lit up the ball field.  “You know, I’m actually not a quantitative nerd like everyone says I am.”

Tobias Carlisle is the founder and managing director of Acquirers Funds, LLC and serves as the fund’s portfolio manager.  Mr. Carlisle is also an accomplished author writing The Acquirer’s Multiple, Concentrated Investing, Deep Value and Quantitative Value. Tobias also runs a podcast where he interviews other fellow investors.

“I’ve actually never been a nerd,” Tobias said smiling.  “Everyone thinks quantitative investors are these really dorky people.  It might be true with 99% of quants.  But, I can assure you, I’m not a nerd.”

Tobias said he got into quantitative deep value investing when he realized that was where the money is at.  “If you want spectacular returns, study the past.  My numbers prove that deep value stocks beat the market.” 

Despite the spectacular returns a quantitative deep value strategy can produce, it does come at a cost – being labeled a nerd.

“Ever since I became a quant people just labeled me as this big dorky nerd.”  But Tobias assured us he is far from being a nerd.

“Dude, I have held multiple hands of the opposite sex,” Tobias exclaimed.  “This is basically the opposite of being a nerd.”

Tobias went on to say how he can do 50 push-ups without breaking a sweat, run a mile in under six minutes, charm a lady with just a smile and how he even has a six-pack of abs.

“I just like numbers ok!  Liking numbers doesn’t mean I am a nerd.”

Tobias told us he is in the process of writing his fifth book, You Can Be A Quantitative Investor and Still Mack on Chicks.  The book is about breaking down social norms and inaccuracies within the finance industry.

“There is this big misunderstanding that jocks can’t become quants,” Tobias stated.  “My new book will stomp on this flawed misconception.”

The book is set to be published this summer. 

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