Top Ten Highest Grossing Jobs Of 2020

The Stonk Market professionals have research on the top ten highest grossing jobs of 2020, and we would like to share our findings with you. Maybe you will find a lucrative career change.  Or maybe you will find your dream job.  And you might even discover your next true calling.  Here are the top ten highest grossing jobs of 2020.

CAD Sextoy Professional (median $1 Million)

Are you enthusiastic about modeling your nether regions? Can you create tentacle shapes for anime lovers? Is there a special place in your heart for stress testing dildos? Just get a personal license for CAD and begin freelance design.

Male OnlyFans Foot Model (median $2.5 Million)

Do you have hairy hobbit feet? Would you like to let men look at them for a monthly subscription?  Then you can make a very lucrative career providing material for their “alone time.” is an up and coming website designed just for you.

Riot Gear Fashion Expert (median $1.25 Million)

There’s no point in flaunting your moral superiority on the streets unless you look good doing it.  You can create a blog centered around flashy protective gear that make activists look like runway models as they throw a molotov cocktail.  It’s all about getting the best picture for the history books of the future.

Platonic Raunchy Adult Website Content Creator (median $750k)

Are you able to keep the intimate assault out of back rubs? Can you fix a sink and accept money for your work? Is there just extra pork sausage on the pizza you delivered? Make an adult website account and post about your daily life.  Simping has become cool.

OnlyFans Reviewer (median $600k)

Have you payed for dirty photos and found out that its only topless pictures? It’s like paying for a race horse and having a donkey delivered.  OnlyFans reviewers are able to give a description of the quality of what you receive, down to bob shape and rough estimate at measurements.

Youtube options trader (median $5.5 Million)

Do you have no qualms about guiding unaware investors into losing their life savings? Do you want to profit from the misfortunes of your audience? The more bad advice you give them, the more they watch your channel to learn how to trade options.  Use a positive feedback loop to gain viewership and revenue.

Crypto Evangelist (median $7.5 Million)

Have you ever talked to a crossfit athlete or a car salesman? Do you identify with their over eager approach to informing you of what’s in your best interest? Become a crypto evangelist and encourage others to gamble their life savings on an undifferentiated currency market in hopes of hitting the next bubble.

Tik Tok Investor (median 950K)

Are you 18 – 20, with a hockey flow and able to talk about stocks using vocabulary such as “big energy bro,” “Market cap is $3B with three stores, that’s like $1B in revenue per store bro.” and “You wanna know how to become a millionaire before 20? Watch my overly edited, nonsense video on how I put my entire savings into an option and profited 5000% on one trade.” You may be the hockey jock turned investor genius that the market is dying for.

Internet Armchair Physician (median 3.3 Million with hospital deal)

Charge outrageous consulting fees as you use WebMD and tell people that the chest pain they are feeling after eating jalapeños is really a myocardial infarction (heart attack).  Make a deal with a hospital system to get paid for each patient you send to the emergency room.

Glory Hole Worker (depends on work ethic)

Can you suck a golf ball through a garden hose? Can you take the chrome off a trailer hitch? Do you make a sump pump look like a water pistol? Fundamental Analysis users can monetize their favorite Friday night hobby at the local all men dance club.  It’s easy money.