Venezuela Robux

The socialist government of Venezuela is finally answering questions about the rapid inflation of their Bolivar’s, sending a lot of the nation into poverty. The government was originally looking to make an Ethereum based token called “BoliviMoon” but after realizing most of their population cannot even afford ETH gas fees, they opted for an established, stable currency, ROBUX.

ROBUX is the in-game currency of ROBLOX, users purchase ROBUX directly from ROBLOX to buy in-game items, gear or games. ROBLOX currently offers an exchange rate of 1 US cent per 1 ROBUX, making it a liquid and secure currency. ROBLOX has welcomed the mass immigration of Venezuelan immigrants by encouraging it’s top game developers to make games that relate to Venezuelans. The current number one trending game on ROBLOX is “Food Simulator: Venezuela Edition”. In this game users play through an in-depth simulator where they can roleplay eating food.

Some ROBLOX users aren’t as quick to welcome the Venezuelan population, many users proposed building a wall to prevent “newbs from Venezuela” to play their games, in a mix of classism and racism by ROBLOX’s white and twelve year old population.