Paul Pierce TopShots Poop
ESPN YouTube

NBA Top Shot, the newest marketplace for NFTs exploded onto the scene in the month of February. The collaboration between the NBA and Dapper Labs allows fans to purchase collectable NBA highlights called “Moments”. These moments are tied to the blockchain allowing for seamless and authentic transactions between collectors.

As popularity for the platform grew so did the prices. Moments were being bought and sold for thousands of dollars daily, creating a legitimate marketplace for the product. This past week a 10 second clip of Lebron James rising up for a dunk sold for $208,000. This was the most expensive clip sold to date until now.

An anonymous buyer, going by the name @defnotshaq, purchased the moment Paul Pierce shit his pants on national television for a whopping $750,000. In the 15 second clip, fans can see Paul Pierce hit the ground as a small brown stain grows on the backside of his shorts. He is then quickly wheelchaired into the locker room as he fakes a career ending injury to his knee, before promptly returning the game with a fresh pair of shorts.

Collectors are calling this purchase the steal of the century, as many believe this one of a kind moment will only increase in value. The foremost expert on this market was quoted saying “why buy 2 shares of $BRK.A when you could buy 1 video of a celebrity shitting their pants. The future is now.”

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