Rich Handler

Being a good trader takes stomach, and a good stomach requires nourishment and smart choices. Here at The Stonk Market we have leveraged our connections more than our TD Ameritrade portfolio to obtain an exclusive interview with famed Jefferies Investment Bank CEO Rich Handler. Make sure to follow him on Instagram and Twitter. Below are some of his top culinary and lifestyle recommendations to ensure that your trading day is as successful as I was in obtaining this interview:

1. Carrots – These provide keen vision because we all know that keeping everything in perspective is critical to success.

2. Chamomile Tea – Nothing calms like a nice up of tea to help deal with the unavoidable stressful periods of panic.

3. Toro – Fatty fish boosts your all-important memory skills. Although Toro is a delicacy, you cannot simply enjoy it selectively because although a selective memory can be enjoyable, it is rarely profitable.

4. Eggs – Rich in amino acids that will speed up your reflexes whether you eat them or just avoid someone throwing them at you.

5. Avoid grain—Often you need to be a contrarian and unfortunately for you rice lovers, that means going against the grain.

6. . A working timepiece – To always ensure that the duration of your capital matches your investment time horizon.

7. Ear muffs – To filter out the abundance of unwanted noise and distractions that will only serve to distract you from your objectives.

8. Good friends – You need to always stay humble and you can always count on good friends to call you out on your arrogance or BS.

9. A dash of four-leaf clover – A little luck never hurts.

We would like to thank Rich for taking the time out to provide us with his insightful suggestions and invite all of our readers to archive this post for future reference.