3x Levered ETFs

I’ve been buying 3x levered naked call options on ETFs all week.  It’s like taking candy from a baby.  I’ll write the contract then boom, money in the bank.  And I’m talking about big money.  Those fat stacks of Benjamin’s you throw at your favorite single mother at the dance club.

But it’s been highly disappointing to see not many other Robinhood investors are taking advantage of this free money making scheme.  I like to scroll through Wall Street Bets after my fifth shot of liquor.  Sure, I’ll see some users talking about buying puts and calls on stocks.  But the free money is in the 3x levered ETFs.

Look, I said it before and I’ll say it again.  If you want to get rich in a few weeks (I’m talking millions) you gotta buy those naked call options on 3x levered ETFs.   My boy William Karaman does this all the time and he is rich beyond belief.

Skeptics will say buying naked call options on 3x levered ETFs is extremely risky.  Yeah, it might be.  That is if you are not using the Robinhood Trading Platform.  With Robinhood, if you lose money you are allowed to delete you app and boom, you get a start fresh.  It’s like a CFA Level 2 cheat code.

So listen up you tendie lovin’ wannabes.  Steal your mom’s credit card.  Push an old lady into the street.  Sell your neighbors dog on the black market.  Just get as much cash as possible and load up on these naked call options.  It’s time to get so rich we will be able to afford Wendy’s three times a day.