Dogecoin Racist

Dogecoin has been making waves in the crypto currency world lately has it has seen a almost 3 fold increase within the past week alone surging off social media buzz. While Dogecoin was designed as a joke and the creator constantly reinstates that it has no use and to be careful with purchasing it, it is still being pumped by both influencers and 15 year old who had a Robinhood account with a $100 made and given to them by there Dad who was hoping they would just buy a S&P 500 index.

But the biggest glaring issue with Dogecoin is how it negatively effects minorities. It is being pumped as a get rich quick scheme, advertising it to minorities living pay check to pay check as a ticket out of poverty. Many people are abusing the average persons lack of knowledge of crypto currency to keep this scam running so, I’ll flat out say it. If you own Dogecoin, you are racist.