Will Meade

TWITTER – Growing increasingly unhinged after watching Dave Portnoy explode in popularity on Twitter, Will Meade tweeted, “I’m the best follow on Twitter, as long as you ignore my increasingly long list of bad calls.”

Will Meade, known for supposedly being a former $1.4 billion portfolio manager at Goldman Sachs and making tremendously bad stock market calls, has been fading out of the limelight after Dave Portnoy took on day trading.

“I don’t know why everyone is so fascinated with this Dave character,” Will tweeted.  “I’ve been making horrible stock market calls before Dave was even in a diaper.  Heck, I told you to buy Whiting Petroleum for god’s sake.  Wow.”

Will Meade joined Twitter in 2016 and quickly bought thousands of followers to make it look like he was someone important.

“I’m faking it until I make it,” Will stated.  “I’m not even sure what a Goldman Sachs is.  But I worked there.”

But despite the self-ascribed notoriety, no one actually knows or cares who Will Meade is.

“I was almost famous and then that darn Dave Portnoy character came and stole my limelight, wow.  Even my bot followers I purchased are leaving me to follow him.  Wow.”

However, Meade isn’t down for the count yet.  There is one last plan he has.

“I’m going to put CFA after my name,” Meade said smirking.  “Having a CFA after my name will really show everyone on Twitter how important and smart I am.  Wow, how did I not think about this before.”